X11 Windows 8 – Adding .Net 3.5 Support for your System

Many Windows applications requires .Net 3.5 yet it is not pre-installed on Windows 8 Preview.

Microsoft has published an article to help user enabling .Net 3.5 support in Windows 8

The .NET Compact Framework version 3.5 expands support for distributed mobile applications by including the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology. It also adds new language features such as LINQ, new APIs based on community feedback, and improves debugging with updated diagnostic tools and features.


Windows 8 Preview on X11: Installation Instructions

Now the Windows 8 Consumer has been out for almost a week now, there are plenty instructions on web on installing Windows 8 preview on your device. We will focus this article on installing Windows 8 for X11.

what you will need:
– an USB drive with 4GB or greater capacity
– an USB keyboard
– have your power adapter handy and connect your X11 throughout the installation process

1) Download the Windows 8 consumer preview:
Please select 32 Bit for version for X11.

Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

2) Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool from Microsoft Store.

3) Create a bootable USB drive using the Win7 USB/DVD Tool
While burning an iso file from step 1 into a DVD will work, it is a lot faster and simpler using an USB drive.
Follow the online screen instructions of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool. You will need an USB drive larger than 4GB

Windows 8 USB DVD Tool

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool

4) Prepare drivers for Windows 8

You will need:

Chipset driver

Graphic Driver

Sound Driver

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Driver as well as a Win8 Wi-Fi Driver

and finally a

3G Driver (if you have Pro or Lux)

5) Boot into Windows 8 installation
Turn off the X11 and connect the power adapter, USB keyboard, and USB drive created in Step (3)
Then Reboot X11 & Enter X11 Bio by pressing F12 key on the keyboard to enter boot device selection

Kupa X11 Boot Screen

Kupa X11 Boot Screen

Select the USB drive (usually the second one, below the SSD drive option)

X11 Boot Device Selection

X11 Boot Device Selection

6) Windows 8 Installation
Good news is that X11 touch control works right out of box at Windows 8 installation so you don’t need to use a mouse.

Kupa X11 Windows 8 Installation

Kupa X11 Windows 8 Product Key

Kupa X11 Windows 8 Product Key

You can follow the onscreen instruction, we recommend using customized installation (not the upgrade option) and delete the main Windows 7 partition before installing over it.

Kupa X11 Windows 8

Kupa X11 Windows 8 - Customize

Kupa X11 Windows 8

Kupa X11 Windows 8 - Partition step 1

Kupa X11 Windows 8

Kupa X11 Windows 8 - Partition 2

If you find problems installation to a particular partition, delete it first, reboot, follow Step 5 and then 6 to resume Installation

Kupa X11 Windows 8

Kupa X11 Windows 8 - Installation

7) After Windows 8 Installation, you will need drivers,
We recommend you installs drivers downloaded in Step (4), in following order:
Chipset driver,
Graphic Driver
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth (Please see more detail installation instruction here)
3G (if you have Pro or Lux)

We recommend that the user runs all installation in Windows 7 compatibility mode

Kupa X11 Windows 8 - Metro

Kupa X11 Windows 8 - Metro

X11 – Graphic Driver Update

The latest X11 GMA 600 graphic adapter update is now available.

Windows 8 preview users are recommended to update to the latest version as some users report better performance in Apps.

X11 Download Section

X11 Download Section

Technical detail about this update by Intel

The Windows 8 Secret Sauce for your X11 Wi-Fi Driver

We have been flooded with requests from our customers regarding how to get the Wi-Fi working in Windows 8 preview for X11.  And like you guys, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on Windows 8 consumer preview.

here is the instruction to get X11 Wi-Fi working in Windows 8:

1) uninstall the driver if you have tried to install any before

2) install the driver from our website, using “Windows 7 compatibility” mode in Windows 8 preview, right click on the file, go to property and you will see it in there

3) reboot as told (We know it is not working yet, don’t worry)

4) download http://www.kupaworld.com/driver/X11_Wifi_Win8_driver.zip –> this is the secret sauce, kids

5) extract the content of the driver in step (4) to a directory

6) go to device manager and you will see 2 “Wi-Fi usb dongle” that has question market on it

7) click update driver, and point to the directory with contents. In our experience, you would have to do it twice, one for wi-fi and one for bluetooth

Now you got a working Wi-Fi driver for Windows 8!

X11 Update – Pen and Touch firmware and driver

Kupa engineers have been hard at work at making X11’s pen and touch the best in the business.

To update, please follow these steps:

1) Go to Control Panel and Click on “Programs and Features”:

Windows Programs and Features

Windows Programs and Features

Click Uninstall on Kupa Stylus Enhancer, if it is not there, no worries, move on to the next step

Windows Uninstall

Windows Uninstall

Then download the Pen and Touch firmware and driver update zip file

and extract the content to a directory and you will see:

update files

update files

Make sure your power adapter is connected,

Run “KUPA Calibration V2″ First and Click “Calibrate”



Then Click “Exit”. The whole process should take less than 5 seconds.

Now Click on

“Kupa Stylus Enhancer V2″ to install the Kupa Pressure Sensitive driver for Pen.

Make sure you reset your previous calibration data and re-calibrate again

Tablet PC Setting

Tablet PC Setting

Windows Tablet PC Setting

Windows Tablet PC Setting

To calibrate, follow calibration instruction on Microsoft Website link

Back by popular demand, free screen protector for all orders placed from 2/20/2012 to 2/26/2012

Kupa America is again offering complimentary protective film for all X11 purchased through the Kupa web store from Feb 20th  to Feb 26th.

Kupa Web Store

Kupa Web Store

X11 protective film

X11 with protective film

X11’s protective film not only protects the screen from scratches, it also reduces glare, limits fingerprint marks, and very importantly, adds a little bit of resistance to stylus tip to further enhance writing feel. Not only will we be giving them away with your X11, we will install it for you to save you hassle.

In addition, free shipping on all X11’s purchased on the Kupa’s Web Store.  So what are you waiting for?