KUPA X15 – Download Section updated

The download section of the KUPA website has been updated for X15 tablet, included user manual:

KUPA Driver Download

KUPA Driver Download

KUPA Download

In most cases, the X15 tablet is installed with Windows 8 at the factory and that is the version that most of users will be getting.  All the drivers are already installed and as well as a recovery partition for emergency need. Most of users would not need to use  the divers from Download section.

However, we recognize that user may want to create customized Windows 8 installation or that they may want to use a different operating system.  In that cases, the drivers in Download section may come in handy. We will update Windows 7 drivers for X15 in near future as well.  Please stay tune for more updates in coming weeks.

KUPA X15 Update – Video Update

New KUPA video is now on YouTube and is updated with the new black finish can be found here:



We understand many of you are eager for updates. We will roll out more information here and on the official website in coming weeks.



KUPA X15 is in! CTIA Announces 2013 E-Tech Award Finalists

CTIA Announces 2013 E-Tech Award Finalists and KUPA UltraNote has made it to the finalist round:

PC Magainze’s coverage
CTIA 2013: Who Will Win the Phone and Tablet Awards?

And the Official Press Release


And for those of you who caught the comment, Sascha Segan of PCmag.com mentioned: “We have the Kupa X15 in testing right now; it’s a Windows tablet.”

Don’t forget to vote for us at:

Vote for KUPA X15 at CTIA E-Tech Award


Vote for KUPA at CTIA 2013 Emerging Technology E-Tech Award – the only Windows 8 tablet in the competition

KUPA UltraNote X15 has been nominated to the CTIA 2013 E-Tech Award and is the only Windows 8 tablet still in the competition:

KUPA X15 Modular

KUPA X15 is competing against Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, Polaroid Kids Tablet, and Texas Instrument Smart Devices SmartQ U7 Tablet.

CTIA 2013 KUPA X15 Samsung Galaxy Note Polaroid Texas Intrument

Vote for KUPA X15 at CTIA 2013

Please help vote for KUPA X15 here:


KUPA UltraNote X15 Availability

Dear KUPA fan,

First of all, thank you for reaching out to us regarding X15. We share your excitement about UltraNote X15 and we have some good news for you.

We know you have been waiting for an answer on where to purchase you X15. For our North America fans, now you can preorder your X15 at Dynamism. Dynamism has 15 years of serving technology enthusiasts and has a reputation for top notch customer service. We believe this partnership will help bring the best X15 experience for our users in North America region. Please stay tuned for updates on accessories and module options.

As with our fans in other continents, we will release information to you as soon as it is available. For those of you who have specific questions regarding X15 or KUPA, we will answer your email individually.

Thank you again for reaching out to us and we look forward hearing from you.

KUPA Worldwide

KUPA UltraNote X15

KUPA UltraNote X15

KUPA at Computex 2012, Microsoft event

KUPA is going to demonstrate its education solution at Microsoft’s LINC and LEAP event at Computex 2012 in Taipei.


Kupa at Microsoft Computex 2012 event

Kupa at Microsoft Computex 2012 event


A simulated vertical education environment section:

KUPA Education Demonstration at Microsoft event

KUPA Education Demonstration at Microsoft event


X11 Special – free protective film for all X11 order.

Back again by popular demand, Kupa America  is offering complimentary protective film for all X11 purchased through the Kupa web store from now to April 15th.
Kupa Web Store

X11 protective film

X11 with protective film

X11′s protective film not only protects the screen from scratches, it also reduces glare, limits fingerprint marks, and very importantly, adds a little bit of resistance to stylus tip to further enhance writing feel. Not only will we be giving them away with your X11, we will install it for you to save you hassle.

In addition, free shipping on all X11′s purchased on the Kupa’s Web Store. So what are you waiting for?